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Author Visits

Julia is a north London-based author who loves to share her books with children. She offers a reading of one or more of her picture books, When Moggie Met Froggie and When Moggie and Froggie Met Doggie, which are suitable for EYFS. She discusses kindness and friendship, talks about writing a story, the use of rhyme, and leads a colouring activity based based on the characters. Sessions are classroom-based and last around 30-40 minutes.

Teacher Y2:  'It was lovely having you read your own work out to them, allowing them to hear the intonation of the rhyming words in the text, just the way it was meant to be heard.'


Remarkable Women in Verse tells the stories of Rosa Parks (very suitable for Black History Month in October), Helen Keller and her governess Anne Sullivan, and Florence Nightingale. Each story is suitable for Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils, enriching their learning and embedding this important core knowledge in their long-term memories. These long-form poems bring history, poetry and PSHE together to provide cross-curricular opportunities and prompt important discussions around equality, diversity and inclusion and their relevance today. They also complement topics such as the Victorians and ‘People who made a difference’. Sessions last around 40-60 minutes and can be classroom or assembly based. Julia is happy to read whichever story the school prefers.

Most children were familiar with the story of Rosa Parks, but had never heard a version in verse. I think they were captivated by the reading and I heard a few whispers... that they recognised rhymes. This version had a flow and a rhythm which made it very enjoyable to hear out loud.

Christ Church School, NW3

As one reader remarked, “It’s easier to remember when written in verse.” Julia’s experience of music and dance, combined with her passion for these stories, enables her to present rhyming verse in a fun and accessible way.’

As part of her visit, Julia holds a book-signing session, where children and carers can meet her, collect the books they have ordered and request a dedication.

School visits are £75 per visit. For further information please email:

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North Greenwich library reading to 100 local children

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