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When Moggie met Froggie



An unlikely pairing but friends for life makes this an utterly charming read

What happens when a scruffy cat meets a feisty frog?

Find out in this comical tale which helps children learn in a fun way not to judge by appearances and that they can build a good friendship, even after a disagreement. Written in rhyming verse with delightful illustrations, Moggie and Froggie will warm the hearts of parents and children.

Reader Reviews

When Moggie Met Froggie is a smashing book to share with young children either at home or in the classroom. Well written in rhyming verse.

🐱BOOK REVIEW🐱 - When Moggie Met Froggie is a cute tale of friendship between a stray cat and a frog told in whimsical rhymes that is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss' books

Secret World of Books

Thoughts: In Moggie met Froggie, the illustrations are beautiful, creative and magical. Children love books with humour and animals. Moggy’s story of rhyme takes children on a journey full of friendship, emotions, gaining confident and encouragement to make positive changes.

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