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Rainbow Cat and the Big Tidy
A colourful story about a big fluffball


A lively story about a colourful cat and her friends

When a colourful cat goes for a walk with a dog with one shoe and they come across a field strewn with rubbish – ‘The biggest mess that Cat has seen’– what can they do?

HOW will they tidy up the mess? WHO will help them?

This charming story, told in rhyming verse, helps a young child learn the importance of clearing up litter and of teamwork. A serious theme, with fun illustrations. For ages 3-7.

Reader Reviews

Rainbow Cat and the Big Tidy is a brilliant educational tool as well as a fun and entertaining story. The animals have a style young children will love whilst I found the backgrounds almost ethereal at times.

An excellent short story about caring for the environment and what teamwork can achieve, told in a fun way.

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