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When Moggie and Froggie
met Doggie



A funny and engaging story of how three unlikely characters become friends

After such a tricky start, will Moggie make a new friend? How will Moggie’s friend Froggie react?

All will be revealed in this delightfully funny story written in rhyming verse, with cute illustrations. Read how Moggie and Froggie, with new friend Doggie, learn how to have fun together.

Reader Reviews

When Moggie Met Froggie is a delightful, heartwarming rhyming story. Julia Stebbing’s rhymes flow effortlessly, making this a fabulous read-aloud. Kids will enjoy seeing the budding friendship that develops between the scruffy Moggie and the tidy Froggie, despite its rocky beginning. They might also take away a little lesson, that sometimes we judge a situation before we know all the facts.

The rhyming text is short and fun but conveys the story extremely well, flowing well throughout the 28 pages of this enchanting book. Children will love having it read to them at bedtime and if they are independent readers, will love reading it for themselves as the text is very easy to read and understand.

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When Moggie Met Froggie_FCVR _ebook.png

Book 1

An unlikely pairing, but friends for life, make this an utterly charming read.

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