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When Moggie & Froggie met Doggie_FCVR.jpg

When Moggie and Froggie
met Doggie



A funny and engaging story of how three unlikely characters become friends

When Moggie is out for a walk and meets Doggie, what happens next?

All will be revealed in this delightfully funny story written in rhyming verse, with cute illustrations. Read how Moggie and Froggie, with new friend Doggie, learn how to have fun together.

Reader Reviews

… a cornucopia of fun, rhyme, humour and friendship…. a smashing children’s book.

…a fun and charming little tale of friendships. It is a very amusing rhyming story that children will adore.

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When Moggie Met Froggie_FCVR _ebook.png

Book 1

An unlikely pairing, but friends for life, make this an utterly charming read.

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